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Chato Marca Mp
Chato Marca Mp Biography

Chato Marca Mp, A regional Mexican band from California called Marca MP blends banda, mariachi, and ranchera in their music. The most popular web video in Mexico in 2019 was “El Guerro,” their collaboration with Grupo Firme for their debut single.

Since then, they have independently released five digital-only live albums, the studio album No Me Quejo, and the Flores EP.

The band, which was founded in 2018 by four high school classmates, featured guitarists Cristian Daniel and Jess Tizoc, tuba player Esteban Salcedo, and lead vocalist Pedro Vargas (also known as “El Chato”).

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They performed at exclusive events and on the streets of southern California, were the opening act for bands touring northern Mexico, and also performed at weddings and invitation-only performances.

In 2019, they released their En Vivo debut EP, which featured “El Guero.” Grupo Firme from Mexico, who had shared the stage with the group, opted to cut the song as a video single and enlisted Marca MP’s help.

Chato Marca Mp
Chato Marca Mp

That year, it was the most-watched web video in Mexico. Marca MP released the live digital long players En Vivo Desde el Maelcon and Despegando El Vuelo in addition to continuing to record their performances throughout 2019.

The group independently released No Me Quejo in early May of 2020, and a week later, Las Preferidas, Vol. 2 was released as a live album (En Vivo).

They received favorable reviews for their July release of the studio-recorded Flores EP.

The group’s final songs with Daniel and Tizoc were included in the compilation, which was well-received on streaming charts across platforms.

They were replaced by guitarists Diogenes Bojórquez and Julio Torres when Las Preferidas, Vol. 3 was released in early August (En Vivo).

The group released Las Preferidas, Vol. 4 on New Year’s Eve after releasing the live Desde el Cantón in November (En Vivo).

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