Actress Judith Chemla Suffers domestic abuse

French actress Judith Chemla becomes a victim of domestic abuse, shares photos of her bruised face

Actress Judith Chemla

Judith Chemla, a well-known French actress, acknowledged that she had experienced domestic abuse. In a lengthy statement that included several images of her wounds, Judith wrote,

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“A year ago my face was injured, blue, purple beneath my eye, and I saw myself distorted. I realized I could no longer hide my face when I glanced in the mirror a year ago.

She said, “I have so much proof that he keeps trying to hurt me… What must happen before he leaves me alone?

She said, “I can’t take it any longer. I call for peace. Is it any clearer this way? According to a source, Chemla also asks, “Should I go back to the police a third time? “, and refers to submitting multiple complaints against the offender.

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three complaints in a calendar year? Isn’t it enough to work in the film industry and carry the Damocles’ sword of an eight-month suspended sentence? Keep an eye on ETimes for additional news and updates.

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