BBNija Bella and Sheggz cuddling on the bed. (Video)

Bella and Sheggz may be in a relationship already as they were spotted cuddling on the bed.

BBNija Bella and Sheggz cuddling on the bed

BBNija Bella and Sheggz cuddling on the bed. It looks like Bella and Sheggz will soon start dating in the House! Last night while they lay in bed together, Sheggz fired his shot and referred to Bella as gorgeous.

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Sheggz admitted that although he has feelings for Bella, he needs her to show that she is receptive to his advances. If a girl tells me she’s not depressed, I won’t go hard, Sheggs stated.

When someone says, “Hmm, let me see,” that is different. Enough to imply that she is giving it some thought. The two were lying back in bed, and the woman had to give the man something to hang on to.

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Bella retorted that the time wasn’t quite right for such a conversation. “In this House, I’m not ready to do that. Do you understand that this is the third day? I’m not easy, too.

I’m also not a simple person. Sheggz reassured her that he understood this and said that he preferred elusive women. Bella didn’t seem to be interfering with Sheggz’s conversation, and she seemed to be enjoying it.

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