5 Best Province to Live in Canada

The dream of every immigrant is to settle where there won’t be any hardship, such as economic decline, low levels of productivity, or a high cost of living.

If you happen to move from your current environment or are on the lookout for some of the best countries where you can start a new life and family, then Canada is your best bet.

One of the reasons people live in Canada’s provinces is because the country is known as a developed country in terms of its high standard of living, strong economy, and well-developed infrastructure.

Not to mention, job opportunities are also available to cure the mismatch between unemployed workers and jobs.

Even if you are looking for a good avenue to study, the best educational institutions in Canada offer you the knack for exceptional knowledge.

However, there are some provinces located in Canada where it is not recommended for new immigrants to settle due to the high cost of living and other factors.

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What to Consider When Picking Your Province

In Canada, there are several factors you can consider when picking the right province, and you need to understand that choosing any of the respective provinces can significantly affect your job prospects, employment opportunities, and overall quality of life.

Now here are seven essential considerations you have to be mindful of when it comes to undertaking major decisions:

  • Cost of Living: Don’t expect the cost of living in a particular province to be the same as others.

For example, you can’t compare Sakatchewan’s cost of living with big cities like Ontario and Vancouver because they are typically expensive.

  • Education and Research Opportunities: If you are a parent and you want your children to continue schooling in Canada as their new abode, then there would be a need to do research on some of the best schools in the respected province that Canada has to offer.


  • Climate and Geography: The geographical variations in Canada lead to different patterns of climate change.

Most provinces are cool, while others have harsher winters and warmer summers.

Consider the fact that you have to adapt to the cold weather and how it can affect your health and daily activities.

  • Job Opportunities and Industry Preference: Anyone living in any of Canada’s provinces will know the difference between the demand for the labor force in any given industry located in various provinces around the country.

If you are going to Canada to get employed, the best thing to do is to research the nature of the stated job in your market field to determine the firm that suits it perfectly.

You should consider industrial presence that is related to your area of expertise and the demand for your skills because Canada as a whole values craftsmanship at all levels.

These considerations are very valuable if you can capitalize on their importance, which can be done through your findings, thereby comparing and contrasting the strengths and weaknesses of every province in terms of social structure and economic development, which also involve the costs of living.

Just know that each of these factors plays a major role in shaping your overall experience to live in Canada as well as your prospects for success in your new place of stay.

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Where are the Best Provinces To Live in Canada?

After knowing that some research needs to be conducted before staying in a particular province, then it’s time to choose from some of the best provinces in Canada.

The exception to this is that all the provinces may be quite okay for relocation, but it is best to consider the cost of living since they may vary as pointed out in the previous heading.

When looking for a suitable province as an immigrant, you should also consider the standard of living with which the residents are coping with.

The best provinces in terms of a good standard of living you can afford in Canada will be stated below;

  • Montreal, Quebec

If you have a family relocating with you, then Montreal in Quebec is one of the best places to raise your kids, and the cost of living here is at the minimum which is compared with other provinces in Canada.

The house rent and other utility fees also have an average cost. With the city’s welcoming atmosphere, your kids will have the opportunity to learn and relate with their peers, coupled with knowing how to speak diverse languages like English and French.

  • Ontario, Toronto

Everyone would to settle in a province where it is considered the happiest city to be in the world.

A beautiful city that attracts the aspirations of young individuals and immigrants seeking to get educated and also gets employed.

Innovative immigrants will benefit a lot from relocating into this province especially if most of them are experts in the field of arts, media, culture, and especially technology.

Living a quality lifestyle is also one of the many benefits you get to enjoy, and that’s not all because the city boasts excellence in innovations, safety, and security and the effective ways every business outfit could be handled.

Luckily for immigrants, the rate of unemployment is very low, and those who even manage to get employed find their incomes quite satisfying owing to its convenience and several job opportunities.

  • Calgary, Alberta

It is a large city in Alberta and is also regarded as the third-largest urban area in Canada. This city performs well in terms of improvement in sanitation, making it the cleanest city in the world.

The sewage systems are already taken care of and here is the availability of hygienic drinking water, coupled with a low population.

Note that a low population leads to an advanced economy. Therefore, immigrating to this city should be your best bet.

  • Vancouver, Britsh Columbia

This is the most livable city in Canada as per City News Vancouver.

Located in the British Columbia province, it is widely recognized by all and sundry owing to its high propensity to find a good paying job and also to live where there is a stable price of goods and services.

The Province’s beauty reflects on its waterfalls on all sides because it has one of the mildest climates in Canada.

The weather generally is also attractive, warm, and conducive in summer, and the snowfalls are quite heavy during the winter.

The current unemployment rate in this city is just 4.5% and there’s a high cost of living and rents in some parts for first-class citizens and which can also be seen as a limitation towards securing a nice place to stay.

The standard of living is also high but what makes this city stand out among others is the availability of good-paying jobs and a high level of productivity which leads to a sustainable standard of living.

  • Halifax, Nova Scotia

The last province on the list which houses Halifax, with the private and public section willing to employ anyone who was what it takes to get the job done.

Notwithstanding, immigrants are also provided with low property taxes. Here, you can live in a combination of rural and urban areas where you get to meet new people almost every time.

It is quite better to stay here than in any other province since it also attracts immigrants because of its relatively low cost of living and the average cost of renting a house for yourself or your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which province is the coldest in Canada?

If you want to feel the coldest temperatures in Canada, Nunavut is the place to go.

This Arctic territory has been known for having the lowest average yearly temperature since 1948, with a chilly minus 3.5 degrees Fahrenheit or around negative 19.7 degrees Celsius.

Which part of Canada is the warmest?

The answer is Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, is situated in the southern region of Vancouver Island, a mere 107 kilometers southwest of Vancouver City.

Notably, Victoria holds the title of being Canada’s warmest location, boasting an average yearly temperature of 9.9°C.

While winters remain fairly gentle, the summers refrain from becoming excessively hot.

Why is Alberta better than Ontario?

When comparing the cost of living between Alberta and Ontario, it becomes apparent that Alberta holds a slightly higher cost.

However, Alberta gains a slight edge due to certain factors that bring greater affordability into the picture.

Even with the increase in food prices, Alberta manages to provide cost savings in areas such as childcare, housing, and essential utilities when compared to Toronto.

This favorable cost structure in Alberta enables its residents to accumulate more savings over the long term.


To sum it up, what matters now is that choosing the best province to live in Canada requires careful consideration of all the essential factors that can impact your quality of life, job prospects, and overall experience.

In the end, the “best” province for you to live in Canada will depend on your personal preferences, career goals, family situation, and lifestyle preferences.

You must also consider the factors that matter most to you, and weigh the pros and cons of each province before making a decision.

Remember that while certain provinces may offer more opportunities in specific areas, every province has its own unique charm and potential for a fulfilling life in Canada. Thanks for reading!!!

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