Burna Boys’ parents allegedly bribe Lagos shooting victims

Burna Boys’ parents make a move to bribe Lagos shooting victims

Burna Boy’s parents allegedly bribe Lagos shooting victims

Burna Boys’ parents allegedly bribed Lagos shooting victims. Amidst the Cuban club event involving Burnaboy’s escort and a couple with a friend, Burna Boy’s parents have allegedly made a move to bribe the affected victims.

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This comes after the lady detailed the interaction with Burna Boy and his escorts at the Cubana club, which resulted in her husband and his buddy being hospitalized.

Briella took to her Instagram story to insist that her statements were true and that she never tried to catch the singer’s attention.

“How can you lie like this through your teeth?” Take a look at @burnaboygram’s position at the start of the video.

The VIP section, which is divided into two sections, is located in the center of the club. “We were smack dab in the middle of each other!” No one from our section came close to approaching him.

This is certainly me in my section with my partner, who, by the way, took the video.

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We were literally popping bottles, spending cash, and going about our daily lives. “As a result, all of @goldmynetv’s stories are made up,” she wrote.

She further said that Burna Boy’s parents approached her and offered money in exchange for a resolution.

See the video she shared below:

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