Cryalot – Icarus (EP) Download

Icarus Ep by Cryalot

Cryalot - Icarus (EP)

Cryalot – Icarus (EP) Download, a highly talented female music artist is out with her much anticipated Icarus Ep.

Icarus EP Craylot is officially out on the play Store on September 2nd, 2022. Download Craylot’s Icarus Ep.

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Sarah Bonito performs Icarus as if she were narrating a fairytale, albeit one with a much darker tone. Icarus, written during Sarah Bonito’s deep depression, is rife with references to angels and demons, as well as eternal spirals of damnation and redemption.

The EP is a song cycle based on the titular Greek myth, but unlike the story’s origins as a cautionary tale, Craylot recasts Icarus’ flight as a powerful moment of self-actualization.

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On “Touch the Sun,” she sings over a pounding beat, “Let me touch the sun/Wanna have it all/I don’t care if I fall/I accepted it all,” swelling to a moment of heavenly club catharsis while glitched-out replicas of her voice cyclone all around.

It’s Crylot’s biggest dancefloor track yet, and it’s made even more intense by the way her silky-soft voice counterbalances the eruptive sounds going on around it.

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