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Holy Fawn – Dimensional Bleed (album)

Dimensional Bleed Album by Holy Fawn

Holy Fawn - Dimensional Bleed (album)

Holy Fawn – Dimensional Bleed (album) zip download. Holy Fawn, an Alternative/Indie leading music artist releases a new album titled “Dimensional Bleed.”

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Dimensional Bleed Holy Fawn once more amazes us with an amazing performance in his new 10 tracks comprising album.

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Download Holy Fawn Dimensional Bleed album. Stream Dimensional Bleed album by Holy Fawn. The new album will officially be out for download & streaming on the 9th of September, 2022.

Holy Fawn – Dimensional Bleed (album) tracklist

  1. Hexsewn
  2. Lift Your Head
  3. Amaranthine
  4. Sightless
  5. Death Is A Relief
  6. Empty Vials
  7. Dimensional Bleed
  8. Void of Light
  9. True Loss
  10. Blood Memory

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