Jake Sully – Avatar: Way of Water

Jake Sully – Fictional character

The main character of James Cameron’s science-fiction franchise film series Avatar and the main character in Avatar: Way of Water is Jacob “Jake” Sully (born 24 August 2126).
At the beginning of the first movie, he is a 22-year-old paraplegic Marine veteran. After seeing the RDA’s violence and greed toward the Na’vi during the destruction of the Hometree, Jake joins the group of 20 known avatar drivers and later turns rogue after joining the Na’vi race.

After the death of his twin brother, Dr. Tom Sully, who was murdered on Earth, Jake Sully is a paraplegic former soldier who lost his legs and joined the Avatar Program on Pandora. He was sent to Pandora to try out his new Avatar form as part of the Avatar Program.

Jake Sully Background Details

Real Name: Jake Sully.
Marital Status: Married to Netyiri.
Known Relatives: Twin brother, Dr. Tom Sully (Dead).
Group Affiliation: Former USMC, now Pandorian.
Base Of Operations: Planet Pandora.
Height: 10’ Ft
Weight: 650 lbs.
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Black
Children: Kiri(adopted oldest daughter), Neteyam (eldest son) ,Lo’ak (youngest son), Tuktirey (youngest daughter)

Jake Sully’s Abilities

  • Jake is skilled with a wide variety of weapons, both advanced and archaic. He is a skilled aerialist and acrobat with no fear at all.
  • Jake is an excellent leader in battle and a gifted speaker. Jake’s avatar body can breathe Pandora’s peculiar atmosphere, but not regular Earth air.
  • Jake is ten feet tall and has a tough Pandorian body. He manages to withstand several lengthy falls with little effort. In relation to his size, he is strong.
  • Like all Pandorians, Jake has a bundle of exposed nerve fibers at the tip of his long ponytail.
  • This brain connection can be compared to a protrusion that comes from the majority of high animal life on Pandora.
  • A Pandorian can control the animal if this connection can be made, creating a symbiosis. Once the connection is made, the animal stays obedient to that user forever. Even with this ability, Jake is a dubious rider but an outstanding flyer.

Throughout the majority of the film, Jake uses technology to transmit his psyche into this body.

Jake’s Body Features and Description

Jake is a 10-foot-tall blue man with black hair pulled back into a ponytail. There is an exposed bundle of nerve fibers inside the ponytail. He has frightening fangs and yellow eyes. He appears as a handsome paraplegic man with dark hair and eyes when in human form.



Jake undergoes a lot of shifts as the story is being told. He begins as a disabled marine who lives in his brother’s stead. He develops the hope that by performing above par, he can regain his legs.
He adopts a local warrior identity and experiences love in a strange land. He is compelled to choose between his previous community and the new one. He rises to heroic status. He eventually resumes his previous life as a hunter and married guy.

Is Jake Sully a Human or Avatar?

In James Cameron’s Avatar, Jake Sully changes from a human to a Na’vi, and the movie even specifies when it takes place. The highest-grossing film ever produced is James Cameron’s 2009 sci-fi mega-hit, Avatar, which continues to stand as a cinematic landmark.

How do Avatars Mate?

The couple will join queues throughout the mating process in an act known as tsaheylu. As a result, both partners enter a condition of shared body consciousness in which they may feel each other’s bodily experiences. This gesture alone will build a strong emotional connection that will last a lifetime

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