Kizz Daniel clears the air on the Tanzanian Afroclassic tour 2022 debacle

Kizz Daniel Speaks on Tanzanian 2022 Afroclassic tour (what you should know)

Kizz Daniel clears the air on the Tanzanian Afroclassic tour

Kizz Daniel, an Afropop musician now on his Afroclassic tour 2022, has clarified the postponement of his Afroclassic tour in Tanzania. Kizz Daniel’s Road Manager and brother, Folu Anidugbe, emphasized the mitigating circumstances for this catastrophe in a live session on the famous social media platform, Instagram, with seasoned On Air Personality

Daddy Freeze — where he brought out the show’s promoters’ lack of cooperation and competent event planning. Many allegations were debunked, ranging from Kizz Daniel’s incorrect arrival time at the hotel to the singer’s refusal to perform due to clothes or a “gold chain,” as Nigerian promoter Steve Uwa previously claimed; to technical issues, reneging on previously agreed terms, and misappropriation of funds, all of which were admitted to be at play by Steve Uwa as reasons the singer couldn’t perform.

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Mr. Uwa also admitted to Folu’s claim that they had all agreed to reschedule the show before he came the next day with Police, all the while admitting to going against what was verbally agreed behind closed doors with Kizz Daniel’s team on rescheduling the show after the show didn’t go ahead as planned, by bringing with him policemen to arrest the artiste.

Kizz Daniel clears the air on the Tanzanian Afroclassic tour

‘This comes after the talented musician addressed the people of Tanzania, apologizing for missing the event, and said that, contrary to what was reported in the media, _” I was just brought to the police for questioning owing to vandalism and disruption of peace that occurred at the show venue.”

Kizz Daniel went on to say that none of this was on purpose and that he adores and appreciates his followers, never taking them for granted.

“I love my job, I love performing, I’m a fantastic entertainer, it was beyond my control, and I’m very sorry.”

Kizz Daniel explained why he missed the event by saying that when he got to Nairobi from Kampala, the plane he was meant to fly in — for the connecting leg of the flight — had already left.

“We stayed in Nairobi for eight hours and waited at the Airport Lounge before catching a connecting flight to Dar-es-Salam at 11.30 p.m., and the band walked straight to the venue.”

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While this was going on, the organizers assured my team and me that everything was in order and that the audience had been adequately informed.

Kizz Daniel clears the air on the Tanzanian Afroclassic tour

Due to misplaced luggage and required documentation formalities, we finally got to the hotel around 1.30 a.m.

Kizz Daniel made sure the band was there at the venue to complete sound checks, even after the delays and missing bags at the airport, but they were cut off stage because fans were already waiting to be thrilled to a spectacular show.

Similarly, the show’s organizers apologized to Kizz Daniel for misleading the public by claiming that Kizz Daniel declined to perform due to his lost luggage.

“We agreed with the promoters to apologize to the spectators and schedule another concert.” Distancing from Str8Up Vibes, a fresh agreement has been established with a new local promoter to put on another show entirely – a free concert — on Friday, August 12.

Kizz Daniel, famed for his extraordinary performances on sold-out tours in Uganda, the United Kingdom, and the United States, has promised Tanzanians a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle this weekend.

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