Meet Shirō Ishii the most notorious mad genius of all time.

Who is the most notorious mad genius of all time?

Meet Shirō Ishii

Meet Shirō Ishii the most notorious mad genius of all time. Why not concentrate on a notorious wicked genius who deserves more attention?

Nazi scientists always receive all the attention, but what if I told you that Japan had its own, utterly monstrous, version of an evil scientist?

This man was a doctor and a microbiologist, and he was also quite intelligent. For virtually his whole life, he was thought of as intelligent. He entered the army as a doctor and had a good education. His supervisors noticed him while he was there and sent him to Kyoto Imperial University for more study.

He was well-known for leading Unit 731, which was under his command during World War 2.

Unit 731: What was it? They were a scientific group that experimented and came up with innovative strategies for winning the war. They performed a variety of things, as follows:

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  • Women were imprisoned, raped until they were pregnant, and then subjected to gruesome, torturous experiments so that researchers could learn how various toxins affected expectant mothers.
  • In order to observe what happened to a person’s body as the illness developed, they would infect them with syphilis and then cut them open (while they were still alive and conscious). Children, as well as men and women, were forcedly infected.
  • This procedure, known as vivisection, involves cutting someone open while they are still alive to observe what their body is doing. It is commonly used when working with animals. Without anesthetic, they performed it on patients in unit 731, always causing a patient’s protracted, torturous death.

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  • Injected people with animal blood to see what happens (bad way to die)
  • Placed people in centrifuges and spun them until they died
  • Deprived prisoners of food and water to see how long it was until they died
  • Placed people in low-pressure chambers until their eyes popped out
  • Burned people alive to see how long they would live
  • Injected people with saltwater to see what would happen
  • Poisoned people to see the effects
  • gave people radiation poisoning to see the effects
  • Leave 3-day-old babies in the cold just to see how long it took them to freeze to death
  • Tested flamethrowers on live people
  • Tested grenades on live people
  • Removed organs for fun. For instance, they would remove someone’s stomach and attach their esophagus to their intestines directly.
  • Tested hundreds of diseases and biological weapons on people

In total, Unit 731 executed close to 10,000 detainees and subjected as many as 20,000 to experimental treatment. This unit’s biological weapons were employed to murder up to 500,000 civilians.

Aside: During World War II, not even the Nazis employed chemical weapons (they only did in concentration camps). Japan was the ONLY country to use chemical weapons in World War II against both military and civilian targets.

You might be curious as to Shir’s whereabouts. After all, he was apprehended and tried for war crimes, correct?

Meet Shirō Ishii

Nope, that wasn’t it!

In exchange for full disclosure of his testing, he was granted complete immunity. Shir’s discoveries, according to American microbiologists, are exceedingly valuable and impossible to duplicate without repeating the trials.

Shir passed away in 1959 after living the rest of his life in freedom.

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