Mohbad Autopsy

Mohbad Autopsy

On September 12, 2023, Nigerian Afropop singer, Mohbad, whose real name is Ilerioluwa Promise Aloba, passed away. The cause of his death was initially unclear, leading to widespread speculations and rumors. However, the events that followed soon after his death led to his body being exhumed for an autopsy.

Firstly, the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s death were suspicious, and his family demanded answers. The late singer’s family accused his record label of negligence and claimed that he had been overworked and deprived of adequate medical attention. They also alleged that he was under immense pressure to perform and record new music.

Secondly, following the family and fans’ demands, the Lagos state government launched an investigation into Mohbad’s death. The government invited Nigeria’s secret police to join the investigation, indicating that they suspected foul play.

Thirdly, the family eventually agreed to exhume Mohbad’s body for an autopsy. The autopsy was conducted by a team of forensic pathologists and specialists, who were tasked with determining the cause of death and providing answers to the family’s questions.

Yesterday, Mr. Idowu Owohunwa, commissioner of the Lagos State Police, unveiled a 13-person Special Investigation Team to investigate her death.

This occurred when angry Mohbad fans and Nigerian celebrities took to the streets this morning to call for justice for the late singer.

The demonstrations, which began yesterday in Akure, Ondo State, are anticipated to expand to other states.

According to Owohunwa, the team led by Assistant Commissioner of Police Saheed Kassim is anticipated to, among other things, exhume Mohbad’s remains, do an autopsy, and subject it to toxicological and histological testing.

The State Criminal Investigation Department’s Homicide section will be home to the Special Investigation Team’s members, according to Owohunwa, who also announced that the team had been divided into four subteams to handle different types of investigations, including forensic, technical, medical, and practical ones.

The team will engage in exhumation, autopsy, visits to crime scenes, hospitals, and past records that may be crucial towards establishing the facts in relation to the case on that investigation, the command boss said, noting that the command was taking these actions in the overriding public interest and justice.

We acknowledge that a homicide inquiry into this instance would be difficult and technical. But we take heart from the fact that Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu promised to provide any state assistance we might require to further our pursuit of justice and a very thorough and professionally conducted investigation process.

The following was added to CP Owohunwa’s list of the team’s responsibilities: “First, to aggregate all allegations, suspicions, and insinuations from all sources in the context of interactions with the family, friends, and medical components, with a view to establishing facts, identify pieces of vital evidence that may support criminal investigation.

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