Nardo Wick Biography, Networth, Age, Girlfriend, more…

Nardo Wick Biography, Networth, Age, Girlfriend, Origin, parents, and Career.

Nardo Wick Biography, Networth, Age

Nardo Wick Biography: Make sure you keep reading this article to the end if you wish to know more about Nardo Wick’s Biography, Origin, Net Worth, Age, Real Name, Parents, Girlfriend, Career, and why Nardo Wick was arrested by the Police and more facts.

Nardo Wick (born Horace Bernard Walls III on December 30, 2001, age 20) is a well-known American rapper, singer, songwriter, social media influencer, and entrepreneur from Jacksonville, Florida, United States.

He is well-known around the country for his incredible raps and songs. According to sources, Nardo rose to prominence following the release of his track Who Wants Smoke?

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Aside from that, he has released other songs, including Aye Aye, Knock Knock, Face Shot, and others. He has also worked with a number of well-known singers and rappers.

According to media reports, Wick also contributed music to the official soundtrack of the 2021 feature film Judas and the Black Messiah.

Nardo rose to prominence in a short amount of time as a result of his songs. In his music videos, he generally uses various weaponry and a lot of money. Nardo also has a YouTube account with over 89.2K subscribers (as of August 2021).

Why was Nardo Wick Arrested?

Nardo Wick was arrested by police on hidden weapons allegations on August 18, 2021, according to sources.

Biography of Nardo Wick

Nardo, a gifted rapper, was born on December 30, 2001, to his parents in Jacksonville, Florida, United States. He was born into a household of African-Americans. Wick adheres to the Christian faith.

Nardo Wick Nerthword

Nardo Wick as stated earlier has grown his official youtube channel so much and already has millions of subscribers. His estimated Nerthword is between $6 & 8 million USD

Nardo Wick’s Relationship, Girlfriend, Kids, Wife, and Baby Mama

At the time of this article, Nardo Wick has not gotten a child yet and any baby mama or wife. Currently, information about Nardo’s girlfriend is not disclosed but sources have it that an alleged Instagram beautiful lady roughly between the ages of 22 & 23 with the Instagram user name @soryiaa_ is Wick’s girlfriend.

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Nardo Wick Girlfriend

Nardo Wick’s Parents

Information about Nardo Wick’s parents is also unclear as they are not being disclosed at the moment of writing this article.
However, it is gathered that Nardo’s father is his manager and his mother is a homemaker.

Always check back we will update this page as soon as we get more pieces of information.

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