Never Underestimate an Angry Monk (Here is why?)

Who should not be underestimated and why?

Never Underestimate an Angry Monk (Here is why?)

Never Underestimate an Angry Monk (Here is why?). During the Sri Lankan riots, this monk “gives back” tear gas to the police.

But shouldn’t such a monk be tolerant, kind, and perpetually peaceful and loving?

First off, many of them are not exactly saintly and composed individuals.

Some of them are former gang members, and some even have criminal records and were given the option of monastic life or prison.

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Some of these men were juvenile miscreants who spent many years as monks, while others spent many years as street thugs and have just been monks for a year or two or a few short months.

Or would you like to start this one off?

Never Underestimate an Angry Monk (Here is why?)

Moreover, arguing is very appropriate.

Are you tolerant when you witness someone mistreating children?

The certainly makes you want to punch that guy in the face.

Some folks merely require that.

You can also clean up the monastery courtyard again later on, in peace and quiet.

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