“Nissi Ogulu’s Electrifying Performance of “Overthinking” Lights Up the Glitch Africa Stage”

Nissi Ogulu Dazzles On Glitch Africa Stage With “Overthinking”

Nissi Ogulu - Overthinking
Nissi Ogulu – Overthinking

Nissi Ogulu – Overthinking. There was an air of excitement and anticipation at the Glitch Africa studios as the sensational singer/songwriter Nissi Ogulu took the stage for a truly electrifying performance.

Her latest single, “Overthinking,” had been making waves on the Nigerian and UK music scene, which led to her performing the single live at Glitch Africa studio. The studio was set with state-of-the-art equipment and stunning visual effects, providing the perfect backdrop for Nissi’s soulful vocals and heartfelt lyrics.

With each note and every lyric, Nissi poured her heart and soul into the performance right from the beginning of the performance. Her voice serenaded the entire space as she opened the performance from a seating position.

The song “Nissi Ogulu – Overthinking” is a deeply personal one, exploring the challenges of dealing with anxiety and self-doubt. But Nissi’s emotive delivery and raw talent were captivating and mindblowing during the performance.

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The Glitch Africa Studio team had worked closely with Nissi to ensure that the sound and lighting were perfect for the performance The team’s dedication and expertise shone through, creating an immersive experience for the audience.

In a short interview, Nissi introduced herself and told the fans what the song “ Overthinking” is all about. In her words “Nissi Ogulu – Overthinking is a song that’s supposed to be tackling what we all go through, everybody is an overthinker. So it’s just a record to make you feel like you don’t have to take things too seriously all the time”.

With her performance at Glitch Africa Studio, Nissi has once again proven her talent and potential. Her powerful lyrics and soulful vocals are sure to continue captivating audiences around the world, and fans eagerly await her next move.

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