Polo G – No Time Wasted ft. Future

No Time Wasted by Polo G feat Future

Polo G – No Time Wasted ft. Future
Polo G – No Time Wasted ft. Future MP3 Download Cover

Polo G – No Time Wasted ft. Future free mp3 Download & Lyrics. American singer & rapper, Taurus Tremani Bartlett, known professionally as Polo G releases a new song titled “No Time Wasted.”

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No Time Wasted mp3 & Lyrics Polo G the new smashing mp3 is coming shortly after the singer released one of his most anticipated songs.

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To spice up No Time Wasted by Polo G, the super talented American singer also links up with Future who came in with lovely vocals.

Uh, uh-uh, uh, uh
Uh, uh-uh, uh

Uh, I know you waitin’
Gettin’ fed up, you runnin’ out of patience
Just keep your head up, I told you we would make it
Can’t give my meds up, I see too many faces, uh
In them foreigns racin’
Best make it count, make sure it’s no time wasted
I beat the trenches for my team, that was a great win
Lose when you gave it everything, that’s hard to take in (uh-uh-uh)

Ayy, look, I do this shit for all my guys that got put under
Fifty shots, I’m a drummer, them guns spit thunder
One shot and he dead, call that bitch the one-hit wonder
No, we don’t aim for legs, tryna make it hot all summer
As a small kid, I used to want an H2 Hummer
My uncle did a bid, they could’ve gave him football numbers
I went from Mandrake daily tryna work on my jumper
Now it’s gang-gang, we stay on top of shit like a plunger, uh
Old heads can’t trick us, drop rakes and we flick up
Blow his face, get zipped up, ambulance pick up
Uh, red cups full of liquor, let lead bust for my niggas
Come through and tear it up with them blickers, I really fed all of my killers

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