Rowdy Rebel – We On It ft. Dboylo free mp3 download

We On It Song by Rowdy Rebel feat. Dboylo

Rowdy Rebel – We On It feat. Dboylo
Rowdy Rebel – We On It feat. Dboylo

Rowdy Rebel’s ‘We On It’ ft. Dboylo: A Catchy Anthem of Street Confidence. If you’re into hip-hop and trap music, chances are you’ve heard of Rowdy Rebel, the Brooklyn-born rapper who rose to fame as part of the GS9 crew with his friend Bobby Shmurda.

Rowdy Rebel, whose real name is Chad Marshall, spent six years in prison for conspiracy and gun charges, but his fans didn’t forget him and his energy-filled style.

Now that he’s free, he’s making up for lost time with a series of singles and collaborations, including “We On It” with Dboylo.

“Rowdy Rebel – We On It” is a song that oozes confidence, swagger, and street smarts. Produced by Koast and Hovain, the beat is a mixture of heavy bass, haunting synths, and catchy hooks.

The intro sets the tone with Rowdy Rebel’s voice commanding attention: “Uh-huh, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay / Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah / We on it, we on it, we on it, we on it / Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.”

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The repetition of the phrase “Rowdy Rebel – We On It” creates a sense of urgency and determination, as if Rowdy Rebel and Dboylo are ready to conquer whatever challenge lies ahead.

The first verse belongs to Rowdy Rebel, who delivers his lines with a gritty flow that matches the beat’s intensity.

He raps about his come-up, his struggles, and his loyalty to his crew: “I’m from where the jakes raid, where n***as die for petty change / Where you can’t trust a soul, not even your closest homie mane / But we on it, we on it, we on it, we on it / And we don’t need nobody else, we gon’ do it our way.” His confidence is contagious, and you can feel his conviction in every word.

Dboylo, who hails from the South Bronx, takes over the second verse with a smoother flow that contrasts Rowdy Rebel’s roughness.

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He adds some melodic touches to the chorus and brings his own perspective on street life: “I was raised by the gutter, it’s all I ever knew / I had to hustle and grind just to make it through / I got my mind on my money, I got my eyes on the prize / We on it, we on it, we on it, we gon’ rise.” His verse complements Rowdy Rebel’s and adds some geographical diversity to the song’s appeal.

Rowdy Rebel – We On It is a banger that showcases Rowdy Rebel and Dboylo’s chemistry, charisma, and talent. The song’s lyrics may not be groundbreaking, but they serve their purpose of hyping up the listener and inspiring them to overcome obstacles.

The music video, which features Rowdy Rebel and Dboylo in a warehouse with some flashy cars and jewelry, enhances the song’s visual impact and reinforces its message of street cred.

If you’re a fan of trap anthems that make you feel like you can conquer the world, “We On It” is a song you should add to your playlist.

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