Semah Rocks Flavours’ Hairstyle, Looks Like a Full Grown Man.

Flavours’ adopted son, Semah looks totally different now (Photos)

Semah Rocks Flavours' Hirstyle

Semah Rocks Flavours’ Hirstyle, Looks Like a Full-Grown Man, Remember that little kid who made the 2017 hit song titled “Most High” alongside Flavour? Yes, you surely should. His new looks will leave you with no choice other than to admire him.

Semah is a visually disabled child who was born and raised in Liberia until he was adopted by the Nigerian music star Flavour.

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According to the news, the boy caught Flavour’s attention after he performed one of his songs even more than himself.

The talented Child was featured in Flavour’s 2017 breaking song which brought him and his talent to the spotlight.

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But look at how the time flies Semah’s new looks got the whole internet looking as he grows up to look like Flavour’s own biological son in his appearance.

Semah Rocks Flavours' Hirstyle

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