The largest primate on Earth

See the Largest Primate on Earth

The largest primate on Earth

The largest primate on Earth. Paleontologist Ralph von Koenigswald originally recognized Gigantopithecus in 1935 as a result of a distinctive dental specimen.

The strange and enormous simian is said to have existed between two million years ago and around 300,000 years ago in the woods of modern-day China, India, and Vietnam.

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The ape grew to huge proportions that surpassed those of real gorillas and are believed to have been a herbivore based on microscopic plant fossils discovered in certain teeth.

The closest extant relative of Gigantopithecus blacki, the orangutan, also belongs to the same group, according to a palaeoproteomic investigation.

The gigantopithecus went extinct, according to scientists, because its habitat transitioned from a forest to a savannah during certain glaciations in the Pleistocene or Ice age.

The largest primate on Earth

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