The Loneliest Whale in the World

Which is the lonliest Whale ever

The Loneliest Whale in the World
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The Loneliest Whale in the World. The world’s loneliest whale was the subject of a story in The New York Times in 2004. Since 1992, scientists have tracked her, and they have found the issue:

Unlike other baleen whales, she is unique. She is not a social whale like the others. She is single and has no family. She is not a member of a tribe, pack, or gang.

She has no romantic partner. Never had one, either. Each of her songs lasts for five to six seconds and is composed of clusters of two to six calls.

But she has a sound that no other baleen whale can match. She sings at 52 hz, which is unusual since the rest of her type communicates between 12 and 25 hz.

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That’s the issue, as you can see. She cannot be heard by any whales. Her repeated cries for help to speak with someone go unanswered.

Every cry is disregarded. And with each lonely song, she gets angrier and sadder, her notes getting more dejected as the song goes on.

Just picture the enormous creature floating alone and singing, feeling strangely small in the great expanses of empty, wide water since it is too large to connect with any of the beings it passes.

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