Updates on Alex Murdaugh’s Trial

Alex Murdaugh testifies: I didn’t shoot my wife or my son Alex Murdaugh trial update Read Now!

Updates on Alex Murdaugh's Trial
Updates on Alex Murdaugh’s Trial

Updates on Alex Murdaugh’s Trial. On Thursday afternoon, the prosecution started its cross-examination of disgraced attorney Alex Murdaugh, questioning him about his financial difficulties, his theft of clients’ money, and his interactions with local police enforcement while he was living there.

Following his plea of not guilty to the killings of his wife and son, Murdaugh took the witness stand to defend himself.

The prosecutor used two badges as evidence, one of which was Murdaugh’s grandfather’s badge after he retired and the other of which he claimed to be his own. Murdaugh stated in court that he typically kept it in his car and that, although not considering himself a member of the police force, he has worn a badge for 20 years as a “voluntary assistant solicitor.”

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Murdaugh was questioned by the prosecutor about how he used the badge to gain favor with law enforcement. Even though he claimed he wasn’t functioning in an official position, he showed a picture of Murdaugh at the hospital the night of his son Paul’s terrible boat accident with the badge protruding from his pocket.

“I guess I would want… as I said, a badge has a warming effect with other law enforcement,” Murdaugh said. “If I was seeking any advantage, as you say, then I guess that would be what it was.”

Murdaugh testified that he also installed blue lights installed in the law firm’s vehicle that he drove.

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