What Killed Mickey Mouse

Recently, there has been a troubling trend among people to ask whether one of history’s most-known mascot figures is still alive.  The well-known Disney character, initially known as Steamboat Willie, was developed in 1928 and has since served as the de facto mascot of the enormously successful company.

Anthropomorphic mouse Mickey Mouse typically dons red shorts, large yellow shoes, and white gloves. Mickey is typically characterized as a lovable underdog who succeeds through grit and inventiveness, drawing inspiration from silent movie figures like Charlie Chaplin’s Tramp.

Disney as a business will turn 100 years old in 2023, thus the loss of its mascot will undoubtedly mar the occasion. Why are people searching for this? Did Mickey Mouse really pass away? This is what we do know.

It’s safe to say that Mickey Mouse, one of the most well-known and cherished Disney characters of all time, will live longer than any of us.

What Killed Mickey Mouse

But we need to be clear about this. What’s popular isn’t Mickey’s passing. Instead, it’s the fact that people are trying to figure out what caused Mickey to pass away.

People searching “what killed Mickey Mouse” or a phrase with a similar phrase is the newest TikTok craze. Instead of posting a response or an explanation, many just express their disbelief at what they discover. Even though searching it right now will probably only provide headlines about the trend, some intriguing information has been discovered.

According to results that have purportedly been discovered, Mickey’s heart allegedly “exploded,” resulting in the mascot’s sad demise. Another said that after the titular Netflix series became a worldwide sensation, fellow TikTok legend Wednesday Addams murdered Mickey.

Some people have even discovered unsettling illustrations of Mickey being captured in a mouse trap and a “lost episode” of a vintage black-and-white Mickey Mouse cartoon that shows how he meets an untimely death.

How Did Mickey Mouse Die?

People have purportedly discovered results that claim Mickey’s heart “exploded,” which led to the mascot’s sad demise. Another suggested that Mickey was murdered by fellow TikTok legend Wednesday Addams after the eponymous Netflix series became a worldwide sensation.

Others have even discovered unsettling artwork showing Mickey getting captured in a mouse trap and a “lost episode” of a vintage black-and-white Mickey Mouse cartoon showing his horrific demise.
He is slain behind his heart on one occasion and is crushed beneath a crumbling skyscraper on another occasion. Other ways to pass away include disintegration, which can happen when he splits from Minnie or in response to the Beast’s howls. However, Mickey Mouse gets repaired after the breakdown.

To be clear, Mickey Mouse is not deceased. The mascot character is still present and well, and he or she may be seen in several Disney animated programs, movies, and affiliated works. Even though the news of his death on TikTok is greatly overblown, many are nevertheless jumping on the trend.

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