Who is the evilest dictator in history?

Who is the most evil dictator in history?

Who is the evilest dictator in history?

Who is the evilest dictator in history? The name of this grinning man over here is Pol Pot. He murdered up to two million people while he was the dictator of Cambodia, accounting for up to a quarter of the population of his country.

He is essentially a one-man black death as a result. a genocide machine that is alive and well. The death tolls of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and King Leopold are all higher.

However, they were in charge of much larger countries than Cambodia, therefore in terms of proportion, none can compare to the Cambodian version of Satan himself.

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That this man can still smile is strange. He caused blood to flow freely on the streets of his country. He killed for the craziest of reasons; intelligent, educated people would be slaughtered for no cause at all, regardless of their political views.

He even targeted those with poor vision at one point because, in his eyes, their spectacles gave them an air of intelligence.

The average IQ of Pol Pot’s entire country fell by several points as a result of the mass execution of so many brilliant, accomplished, and critical individuals.

His level of depravity is so extreme that it’s nearly impossible to comprehend. It is truly terrifying to give one man so vast authority with no one to check him.

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Since you can never tell what a man’s true intentions are when he first assumes power. He might be a kind soul, or he might be Patrick Bateman.

And that is exactly what Pol Pot was. He was running a country entirely into ruin just because he could, like Patrick Bateman in American Psycho, with no ideology to support his deadly insanity.

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