Why are smart people so quiet?

Why are some very smart people so quiet?

Why are smart people so quiet?

Why are smart people so quiet? Several of which have already been mentioned by other people.

The fact that this topic has an obvious solution—smart people are quiet—is a significant one, in my opinion.

By remaining silent, you give yourself the chance to tune out your own voice and concentrate on what others have to say.

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Knowledge lays the groundwork for action, and intelligence is demonstrated via action. Without sufficient knowledge, it is impossible to use intellect or to be “smart.”

And by complex knowledge, I don’t just mean knowledge that takes years to accumulate. You can tell a lot about a person just by listening to them speak, including things like their sense of humor, names, and preferences—basic elements of communication.

A fundamental habit that is essential for growth is letting other people talk.

Although it may seem a bit premature, this quotation captures the situation perfectly:

Why are smart people so quiet?

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