7 Interesting facts about Queen Elizabeth II

Some intresting facts about Queen Elizabeth II

What are some interesting facts about Queen Elizabeth II?
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7 Interesting facts about Queen Elizabeth II. Elizabeth II was Queen of the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth realms from 6 February 1952 until her death in 2022.

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Until her death in 2022, there are certain things you don’t know about the lovely Queen of England, and why she lived so long.

Important Facts about Queen Elizabeth II

1)- Since the Queen’s health was so important, extra precautions were made to ensure that she would live. Everywhere she went, the Queen usually had at least three doctors with her. She usually carried blood bags containing her own blood when she traveled.

2)- The Queen’s 70 years and 214 days in power make it the longest reign in British history and the longest for a female head of state.

3)- The Queen was the first female member of the British Royal family to enlist in the armed forces and actively served in World War II as a mechanic. She was skilled with cars due to her background as a mechanic.

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4)- Queen Elizabeth’s full name is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor

5)- She violated royal protocol when she requested to appear in a James Bond skit with Daniel Craig for the Olympics.

6)- The Queen was playfully invited to a couple’s wedding in 2012; however, she declined, only to surprise them at the reception.

7 Interesting facts about Queen Elizabeth II
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7)- According to reports, she stopped breeding her corgis in 2015 so that none would be left behind when she passed away. She did, however, get two as gifts from her son in April 2021 after the passing of her spouse. She viewed her dogs as an extension of her family.

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