(Album) Drake and 21 Savage – Her Loss

Drake and 21 Savage – Her Loss Album Review

Drake & 21 Savage - Her Loss album

(Album) Drake and 21 Savage – Her Loss is the result of a partnership that began at least in 2016 when the two collaborated on “Sneakin’.”

Drake was the man whose co-sign could be relied upon to lead budding talents into legitimate rap success at the time, while 21 was a budding Atlanta rapper with a lot of promise (and affiliation with the producer of the moment Metro Boomin).

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Drake is still perhaps the most influential singer and MC in the world eight years and three further collaborations later, but the 16 songs that make up 21 Savage’s first album “Her Loss.”

show that the combination is in some way greater than the sum of its parts. It was probably Sincerely, it was Nevermind standout “Jimmy Cooks” that motivated Her Loss or, at the very least, gave it a priority.

Drake and 21 Savage

Drake and 21 Savage got the chance to do what they’ve always enjoyed doing together on the song, which was a stylistic outlier from that album’s house and techno-adjacent dance music thread.

They could rail against entitled love interests, enjoy the lifestyle they’ve earned, and, for 21 Savage specifically, remind listeners that his guns still do go off.

Her Loss is largely the same, with the duo leaning into a shared disdain for less-successful artists (“On BS,” “Privileged Rappers,” “Broke Boys”),

sharing their opinions on modern courtship (“Spin Bout U,” “Hours in Silence”), explaining what it’s like to be a super rapper (“Circo Loco,” “Pussy & Millions”), and, in one instance, rapping about Their apparent love for one another may initially raise questions, but to do so would be to intentionally deny the fact that making music with your best friend by your side is just plain more enjoyable.

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