(Album) HMLTD – The Worm zip

The Worm Album by HMLTD

(Album) HMLTD - The Worm zip
(Album) HMLTD – The Worm zip

(Album) HMLTD – The Worm zip. Hold on to your hats because HMLTD has truly outdone itself with its second album! With a whopping 47 musicians contributing to the record, including a gospel choir and a 16-piece Greek string orchestra, ‘The Worm’ is an epic journey that feels like a wild, high-concept prog-rock album from the 70s.

Prepare to be taken on a journey through Medieval times, stylistic virtuosity, and an inexplicable science-fiction narrative that tells the story of a giant worm swallowing London – yes, you read that right!

But don’t let the outrageousness of the concept deter you because the record manages to pull it off with aplomb, moving and enthralling you throughout its nine tracks.

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The freak-jazz vibes of ‘Wyrmlands’ will give you goosebumps, while the tear-jerking balladry of ‘Days’ will have you reaching for the tissues.

And when the massed voices chant “We were born in the belly of a great worm, a worm that swallows worlds” in the title track, you’ll feel the full weight of its epicness.

It’s so theatrical that you can’t help but imagine the album is brought to life on a grand stage production.

Fans of Crack Cloud’s foray into expansive instrumentation will love this stylistic clusterfuck, and even if you’re utterly confused by the preposterousness of it all, that’s perfectly fine too.

So get ready to be transported to another world by HMLTD’s impressive musical artistry!

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