Daughter – Stereo Mind Game (Ablum)

Stereo Mind Game (Ablum) by Daughter

Daughter - Stereo Mind Game (Ablum)
Daughter – Stereo Mind Game (Ablum)

Daughter – Stereo Mind Game (Ablum). Daughter is back with their highly anticipated third studio album, “Stereo Mind Game,” and they continue to weave their magic with their signature soft layers of sound and Elena Tonra’s captivating vocals that can stir your emotions.

In “Party,” the album’s title track, Tonra delivers a poignant line that will give you goosebumps. And just when you thought you’ve experienced it all, “Neptune” and “Swim Back” offer a mid-album pairing that

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takes you on an epic journey, building up to a stunning climax and a heavy bassline that will give you sonic gravitas.

Finally, “Stereo Mind Game” is a quintessential Daughter album that will leave you spellbound and wanting more.

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