Billionaire Ned Nwoko Outlines Marriage With Regina Daniels

Nigerian Billionaire, Ned Nwoko Outlines Marriage with Actress, Regina Daniels, Says He Married Her as a Virgin

Billionaire Ned Nwankwo Outlines Marriage With Regina Daniels

Billionaire Ned Nwoko Outlines Marriage With Regina Daniels: Famous Nigerian politician and multi-billionaire Ned Nwoko has left netizens wondering with a shocking revelation that he married Regina Daniels as a virgin.

Making this known, the 60-year-old politician has earlier accounted that when he first had an encounter with Regina Daniels a popular Nigerian Child actress, he never knew that she was a celebrity because he’s not used to seeing movies.

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However, it is not a new story that Ned’s marriage with the young actress was one of its kind, the most talked about during its time as the groom appeared to be much older than the bright.

In a statement, Ned says: “I had no idea who she was when I met her because I don’t watch movies, whether British, Nigerian, or American.” Also, I am not a big fan of social media. I didn’t have a Facebook or Instagram account at the time. So I didn’t know Regina until she came to my house on a tour with her family. My house is a tourist attraction in the village (Aniocha North Local Government Area, Delta State).”

Ned Nwoko also said that when he realized Regina Daniels was still a virgin, he chose to marry her.

“I’ve always stated that I wouldn’t marry somebody who isn’t a virgin, and I stand by that. The fact that she was a virgin just added to my resolve to marry her. “All of my ladies were virgins when I married them,” Ned Nwoko explained.

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Regina Daniels on the other side also shares her own view on her marriage.

“I’m feeling liberated.” I can do anything I want, dress however I want, and live my life as I see fit. My hubby is constantly encouraging me to grow as a person. He wants me to be more open-minded and see things from a new perspective. In fact, there are a lot of aspects about the marriage that I like that I can’t articulate.”

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