BK8 Indonesia’s Trusted Online Lottery Gambling

Trusted Online Lottery Gambling

BK8 Indonesia's Trusted Online Lottery Gambling

BK8 Indonesia’s Trusted Online Lottery Gambling. The online lottery is considered to be one of the strengths of BK8’s house as it provides players with a wide variety of bet types and very extraordinary odds. Let’s take a look at the lottery review and why you should play these various types of bets at BK8’s house through the article shared below!

What is an Online Lottery?

Ignoring the traditional way of playing lottery gambling online, online betting is an unavoidable trend nowadays. No more scenes of writing lottery tickets or sending unsafe phone messages like before. Now just need a smart device and everything can be solved.

Following the development trend, BK8 has launched a digital version of the game on iOS, Android, and PC platforms.

It is very convenient when we can type online and anytime with just a mobile phone connected to the internet.

Home also doesn’t require you to download any apps to play, so you won’t have to worry about running out of memory space or sending a secret piece of information.

Playing on several operating systems is a solution to make the BK8 online gambling house more popular and quality.

Lottery Products Owned by BK8 Online Gambling House

In BK8, there are many types of lotteries to choose from according to the bettor’s own preferences, specifically the following:


When playing in the form of lottery bets, it depends on the number of numbers you bet. If the number is correct, the player has a suitable and very interesting prize of course.

The more you bet, the more bets will increase, and the more numbers you win, the higher the bonus will be. Since the lottery is divided into 3 different regions and different prize structures, it also affects the way the lottery is wagered.

Type the title

Slightly different from the lottery, gambling allows players to predict the first and last numbers of the jackpot. The first digit will be based on the lowest draw prize and the last digit will be based on the jackpot prize. With this setting, there are also differences in each KQXS station.

3 o’clock Claw

The Player will choose 3 arbitrary numbers between 000-999. If the last three numbers of the jackpot match the 3 selected numbers, you will win.

Slick Lottery

Sliding Lotto is the opposite of Parlaying. If Skew Lotto is to predict numbers that may appear, then Skew Lotto is to predict numbers that will not appear in the results.

Play Skewers

Betting on parlays is also a popular bet that many players choose to get rich in BK8 houses like Hanabet. Parlay bets have 3 ways of playing which are similar to lottery bets but much simpler, ranging from 2 dice to 4 dice.

Special Hit

For this way of playing, you will choose a number between 0 and 9. Then use this number to compare it with the tens number

Fast Market

Fast market bets are not widely available yet, apparently only available on the BK8 gaming portal. Joining this bet is very convenient, and fast saves time, and does not have to rely entirely on lottery results that are updated daily.

When selecting this bet, the bet results will be run randomly by the system and will appear 3 minutes after starting.

Of course, with such a short time, players can bet continuously throughout the day without having to wait like other bets.

Advantages of Playing Lottery Online at BK8

Online lotteries have many advantages over traditional lotteries. Here are some of the advantages that you can get when playing the online lottery on the BK8 platform:

Very High Feeding Rate

With traditional lotteries, the chances of winning the lottery range from 1 to 80-90, and the lottery from 23 to 70-80. Whereas if you play online, the chances fluctuate more often up to 95-99, a lot on 26 eats 90.

Why is there such a high feeding rate? Because playing online, you don’t have to go through an agent level 1 – 2 – 3. Therefore, there is no cost cut at all from the BK8 bookie. Playing live online with BK8 will be fully ripe green.

Safe – High Security

Play the traditional lottery with a fairly high explosive rate. That’s when the police catch the agent, the agent will collapse (even though the fee is very small).

In addition, the cable must also be maintained, it is very unsafe if it is administratively inspected on the road, right?

Meanwhile, playing the lottery online will really help you in limiting this risk. However, you also have to choose a reputable bookie – such as BK8 which be one of the most prestigious bookmakers in Indonesia in 2022. Come see BK8 partners, so you can be sure immediately!

Deposit – Quick Withdraw

When winning or placing a bet, with traditional lotteries you have to convert it into cash, which is quite dangerous. There may be cases of robbery or loss on the spot. Or when playing with large amounts of money it will be very troublesome for you.

While playing online at BK8, all transactions are done online. So that the payment for the lottery wins that you get is very safe until it reaches your personal wallet without wasting time and additional costs.


All of the above objective reviews have given you an accurate view of the most reputable bookmakers in Indonesia.

However, there is still a saying that “One hundred votes is not the same as one try”. If you are not satisfied with the current city, try the more perfect option – BK8 for a different experience.

Good luck to everyone who hit somewhere, and doesn’t forget to rate it for yourself so many players can find the right landing like you.

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