Meet Galvarino, history’s greatest badass

Who is history’s greatest badass, and why?

Meet Galvarino, history's greatest badass

Meet Galvarino, history’s greatest badass. Standing in the heart of nature is an indigenous Mapuche man. He is a fighter. At age 67, his physique has undergone a lifetime of taming, becoming tougher than most fighters ever become.

Every strong muscle reveals a list of fought-for successes seized while trudging through blood-stained vegetation to confront brutality.

He shuts his eyes and feels the gentle southern Chilean breeze sifting through his long, black hair and stroking his face.

Once more, the moment has come for him to pick up arms, and the notion of dancing with death makes his heart beat faster and his blood boil.

In an effort to control his enthusiasm, he opens his eyes and extends his hands in front of him, squeezing them tightly.

He’ll return without them, but he’s not yet aware of that.

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Galvarino, the warrior, has already solidified his reputation as a pivotal character in the ongoing conflict with the occupying Spaniards.

He had managed to avoid the reaper’s scythe totally up until this point, when, in the subsequent Battle of Lagunillas, it would finally succeed in nicking him.

He would be captured and imprisoned alongside 150 other Mapuche warriors, his side losing in fierce hand-to-hand combat despite having much more soldiers.

However, the Spanish chose to make an example of the captive Mapuche by slicing off their hands and noses before returning them home rather than simply executing them.

Galvarino, whose mind was as strong as his body, extended his hands and stood motionless as the axe fell.

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Meet Galvarino, history's greatest badass

Galvarino managed to escape with his nose intact, but he wasn’t defeated or ready to give up. Instead, he showed the mutilations to general Caupolicán and the council of war with courage and demanded that they put more effort into battling the colonists.

Galvarino got ready to fight once more after they made the decision to make him the commander of his own squadron in response to his bravery.

Despite his wounds, he attached two knives to his arms, stepped in front of his soldiers, and uttered the following:

If you do not give it to them, you will not be able to work or eat. “Ea, my brothers, notice that you all fight very well. You do not want to be as I am without hands.

” Then he said: “Those you will battle with will cut them, and they will do to whoever of you they take, and nobody is allowed to leave but to die, for you die protecting your motherland!” as he held out his arms in the air.

The brutal conflict that ensued, which lasted from dawn until early afternoon, became known as the Battle of Millarapue.

Galvarino killed the general’s second-in-command and then drove himself into his squadron, engaging in combat with the general who was 45 years younger than him.

But that wasn’t enough; the Spanish eventually overcame them once more. The commander gave the order to have Galvarino put to death after learning from his mistake the first time.

But not before he was given the chance to join the Spanish and change sides. After all, they would have benefited from his skill.

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Though loyal and resolute to the end, he didn’t even think about it before responding with his cutting denial:

I’m sorry that my death will prevent me from tearing you apart with my teeth, but I would rather die than live like you.

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