Doyin and Cyph had a passionate kiss, Eloswag and Phyna were openly flirting; Highlights from BBNaija Saturday’s Night Party for Week 1.

BBNaija 2022 Saturday Night Party for Week 1 Videos and overview.

Doyin and Cyph had a passionate kiss

Doyin and Cyph had a passionate kiss, The Level Up Housemates were ready to crash the dance floor when Biggie finally told each Level to enter the party area and get down.

Following their introduction, the Housemates from each Level quickly became friends and began dancing the night away with various partners.

The evening included more than simply dancing; there were passionate kisses and flirting as well. Eloswag and Phyna were shamelessly flirting as their pals danced the night away.

Dotun was also seen speaking with Beauty outside the party area. At the end of the night, Doyin and Cyph had a very passionate kiss, which stunned the audience and sparked social media.

The celebration ended with everyone else in good spirits, and the Level 2 Housemates said their goodbyes to their Level 1 counterparts before being told to enter their Level and close the doors behind them.

The Level 2 women roared their appreciation for the Level 1 guys as the doors closed. Phyna made it clear that she went to Eloswag and shot her darts while discussing kissing him.

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Amaka, on the other hand, was enamored with Giddyfia, Dotun, and their abs. Amaka remarked to Christy O about them that she liked Giddyfia’s fun but was also drawn to Dotun’s guarded character.

Later, she jokingly bet Christy O and Phyna that she would kiss Giddyfia the next time she saw him.

Beauty, on the other hand, was irritated by Groovy’s demeanor during the party since she felt he was disrespectful in his dancing with the females from Level 1.

While in the toilet with Ilebaye, she threatened to quit Groovy and that everyone would be surprised if she did.

Later, she approached Groovy, stating she was careful with the manner she danced with the Level 1 boys and demanding to know why he wasn’t.

She described his demeanor as disrespectful and stated he was confusing her. Groovy denied everything, assuring Beauty that he had no other plans.

The Level 1 Housemates were fairly relaxed after the party, and they reminisced about everything that happened with their Level 2 counterparts.

Doyin, who had shared a passionate kiss with Cyph, claimed she had observed him properly at the Friday Task and was persuaded to give him a shot by Beauty.

The Level 2 Housemates appear to have made an effect on Chichi and Chomzy, who regarded them as having a positive aura.

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Chichi accused the Level 1 guys of not recognizing that the Level 2 people were good in response to Adekunle and Dotun’s response.

Dotun responded to her comment, which sounded like the Level 1 males were insecure, by claiming that the Level 2 guys were truly intimidated by them, and he could read such things.

The Saturday Night Party really revealed a lot of dimensions, and we can’t wait to see what else happens at future Level meet-ups.

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