(Movie) Tierra incognita 2022 Full HD

2022 HD Movie Download Tierra Incognita

(Movie) Tierra incognita 2022

(Movie) Tierra incognita 2022 Full HD download. To solve the mystery behind the disappearance of his parents, Eric goes back to Cape Qwert.

When he returns to this town, he will run with old acquaintances and make new ones. He also has to reveal the secrets of the amusement park with a horror theme.

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To solve the mystery surrounding the disappearance of his parents eight years ago, Eric goes back to his hometown. In spite of the fact that he and his sister were raised by his maternal grandparents, he runs away to live in the haunted amusement park that belonged to his parents and was the last place they were ever seen alive.

Eric will encounter three people in the town who will be very important to him: Pablo, his childhood best friend, whose friendship will prove to be unwavering; Lila, a girl Eric has always felt attracted to; and his aunt Carmen, who will help him realize that he can only follow the path of truth with the support of his family.

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His return occurs at the same time that an unidentified thing is let loose and begins attacking the town’s residents. Eric won’t have the opportunity to unravel all the mysteries buried in the theme park without the assistance of his friends and family.

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