[Mp3 Music] Lil Yachty – Poland

AUDIO: Poland by Lil Yachty

Lil Yachty – Poland
Lil Yachty – Poland mp3 download

Lil Yachty – Poland mp3 download audio and Lyrics. Lil Yachty, a supper talented music artist from Atlanta releases a new smashing song titled “Poland.”

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Poland Lil Yachty. Poland by Lil Yachty is an amazing song to be added to your mp3s and it comes after the release of his previous lovely tune.

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With no further delay, we urge you to add this new lovely song from the Atlanta raving artists Lil Yachty to your playlist and enjoy.

You fucking with that, F1LTH’? (Wake up, F1LTHY)
To Poland

I took the Wock’ to Poland
I took the Wock’ to Poland
I took the Wock’ to Poland

Uh, phew, phew, ah
I been fiending (ah), like I’m Kenan
Ride around with a Kel-Tec (Wock’)
If you mean it, baby girl, do you mean it? (Mmm)
I been leaning, baby girl, I been leaning (yeah)
Phew, phew, phew (Wock’)
Phone still ringing, battling all my demons
I been fiending, baby girl, I been fiending (yeah)
Hope you love me, baby, I hope you mean it (Wock’)

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