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Quavo New Song mP3 Download

Despite Quavo’s main successes being with his former group Migos, his individual accomplishments are also noteworthy. He achieved a lot with his solo debut album ‘Quavo Huncho’, topping the Rap charts in 2018.

In addition, last year Quavo, as one-half of the duo Unc & Phew, repeated this achievement with ‘Infinity Links’, alongside the late Takeoff who is also a former Migos member.

However, earlier this year, Quavo announced the release of his Album in honor of ”TakeOff” which he named ”Rocket Power”. Quavo dropped one of the most beautiful Hip Hop albums of 2023 with Rocket Power Such a nice way to honor Takeoff’s legacy

According to him, the Rocket power had helped him sail through the bad times, worse times, and ugly times due to the death of his brother. This Rocket Power he made in view of his feeling for TakeOff’s death.

Quavo’s Rocket Power album Release Date

Album was released on the 18th of August, 2023. Which some tracks are Featuring Young Thug, Future, Baby Drill & Hunxho.

Quavo’s Rocket Power album

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Fueled Up Lyrics

[Chorus: Quavo]
I’m goin’ back to my moves, I’m goin’ back to my old ways
I’m goin’ back to my lifestyle, pullin’ up back to the Nawf Qua’ (Ooh)
Never go back to my old bae (No)
Nigga, I gotta go up for Take’
See, know that I’m outside workin’ one
You know that we earned them one
Nigga, we came from none, know that we servin’, son
Off this good drank, you know that’s the purple one
Walkin’ out the bank with a hunnid and sum’n

[Post-Chorus: Quavo]
Narcotics on narcotics, I just took one (Yeah)
Livin’ like a rockstar but we miss one (Yeah)
My cousin jumped out the car, had to keep goin’ (Ooh)
Now he tellin’ the whole world that we ain’t blood (Ooh)
Nigga, it’s all love, yeah, it’s all love (Yeah)
I guess we got to be together in this small world (Yeah)
Nigga, it’s all love, yeah, it’s all love (Love)
Rocket power, I’ma up this shit, let’s keep it goin’

[Verse: Quavo]
Valet the car and I’m keepin’ it crunk (Skrrt)
I am a star and these bitches be struck
Fire on me now and I’m keepin’ it tucked (Grrah)
All I can think about is my lil’ bruh (Damn)
Ridin’ around in my bulletproof truck
These savings ain’t dangerous, that is a must
Lean on my stick like I’m usin’ a crutch (Baow)
Jealousy, images, watch who you trust (Trust)
To infinity, I got businesss (Woo)
I got mansions and amenities
Take advantage, won’t get into me (Nah)
You can plan it, not offendin’ me
He’s a fan, not an enemy (Woo)
On the planet with the remedy
Fuck who started, I’ma finish it (Finish)
I’ma pack out the booth like it’s [?] (Go)
Pack out the-pack out the-pack out the booth like it’s [?]
Four pockets full like I got on Amiris (Woo)
QC the label, been loaded for years
Huncho the man, the man of the year
We put the A on the map for real (Woo)
Young rich nigga done made careers (Careers)
Iron sharpen iron, nigga, we playin’, so young nigga, swallow your pills (Chyeah)
Been reppin’ the same team like LeBron, it’s time to redo my deal
Way before, way before I lost my brother, it been time to kill
Can’t nobody, nobody take this pressure we apply here (No)
Put it on, put it on the floor and dresser, nigga, it’s all here

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