Robyn and Kody Brown of Sister Wives Divorce

Robyn and Kody Brown of Sister Wives Divorce

Robyn and Kody Brown of Sister Wives Divorce

Fans of the popular TLC series Sister Wives are well aware that the dynamics of the relationships on the show can occasionally become rather intriguing.

The television program, which centers on the lives of Kody Brown and his “sister wives,” explores polygamy and its effects both within and outside the Mormon community.

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Recently, the relationship between Kody and Robyn Brown, one of his sister’s spouses, has been one of the most intriguing.

Recently, there have been some reports that Robyn and Kody’s relationship isn’t as strong as it once was. But did this happen? What is known about the scenario is as follows.

Have Robyn and Kody Brown separated?

Recently, internet rumors about Kody and Robyn’s potential divorce started to spread. These claims got started because of a screenshot of an “exclusive” TMZ article with the headline “Robyn Brown Files for Divorce From Kody Brown” that was going around.

However, it turns out that neither a TMZ article with that headline nor a relevant article claiming that the two have broken up exist. That is to say, the screenshot was a forgery.

When a screenshot of the Sister Wives Wiki page seemed to have the same information, indicating that the couple split in 2022, fans on Reddit were likewise disturbed.

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The data on the page has been updated as of the time of writing. Nevertheless, a lot of admirers still voiced their opinions about Robyn and Kody’s relationship in response to the untrue rumors of a divorce.

One Redditor commented, “Maybe it’s Janelle’s turn to be officially married to him.” (Also, there are reports that Janelle intends to end her relationship with Kory.)

Another commenter disagreed, saying, “I doubt Janelle ever desired a legal marriage.” “She claimed that receiving her own checkbook was the nicest thing that had taken place in her marriage to Kody.

She would never accept Kody’s opinion regarding her personal finances or tenancy arrangements.”
“I’m not a fan.

Before the young children are at least a little older and a new fertile wife appears, he wouldn’t even think of leaving them “The commenter brought up Kody’s string of relationships, which have been extensively covered on the show.

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Another reader hypothesized, “Maybe they did a formal divorce so they could escape some kind of debt, or qualify for some kind of aid.”

Overall, it seems that Robyn and Kody’s separation rumors are unfounded. The fans of reality television’s favorite polygamists will just have to watch Sister Wives find out what might happen in the future as neither star has actually confirmed that their relationship is anything less than solid.

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