Seyi Vibes New Album – Release Date, Tracklist

Seyi Vibes New Album Download

Names: Balogun Afolabi Oluwaloseyi
Also Known As Seyi Vibez
Record Label: Seyi Vibez
Genre: Afro pop

seyi vibez

Seyi Vibez Biography:

Born and brought up in Ketu but started his music professionally in Ikorodu, Lagos.

Seyi Vibez, a tremendously gifted Nigerian artist and songwriter, just released a brand-new music collection titled “Thy Kingdom Come” for listeners.

The involvement of certain well-known superstars who worked with Seyi Vibez to produce an exceptional musical experience makes this CD even more unique. Young Jonn, Focalistic, Russ, and Jibrille are a few of the featured musicians on the album. The tunes that each artist is featured on have a layer of additional variation and excitement thanks to their individual styles and flare.

Vibe Till Thy Kingdom Come,” his fourth music project in a little more than seven months, featuring joint work with Young Jonn, Focalistic, Russ, and Jibrille.

Phyno, a well-known Nigerian rapper and performer, and South African soprano Ami Faku are both featured on 10 of the catchy tracks on this new music collection, “Thy Kingdom Come Album.”

“Vibe Till Thy Kingdom Come” perfectly captures Seyi Vibez’s capacity to connect with his audience on a deep level, from the contagious beats to the sentimental lyrics. This CD has something for everyone, whether you enjoy upbeat dance music, heartfelt ballads, or both.

Every tune features Seyi Vibez’s distinctive vocal and compositional abilities, demonstrating his breadth of talent. His skill at seamlessly fusing genres and experimenting with various sounds is audible throughout the entire album, producing a sonic journey that engages listeners from beginning to end.

So relax, unwind, and enjoy Seyi Vibez’s most recent album, “Vibe Till Thy Kingdom Come,” with its lovely songs and compelling lyrics. Prepare yourself for a musical adventure that will enthrall you and leave you wanting more while you listen.

Thy Kingdom Come Album Tracklist By Seyi Vibez Below

Seyi Vibez – Man Of The Year
Seyi Vibez – Professor
Seyi Vibez – Hushpuppi
Seyi Vibez – Karma
Seyi Vibez – Migos
Seyi Vibez – Highlife interlude (feat. Phyno)
Seyi Vibez – Trumpet
Seyi Vibez – Flakky
Seyi Vibez – LOML (feat. Ami Faku)
Seyi Vibez – All The Time

However, his new album serves as a follow-up to his previous EP titled β€œMEMORY CARD.”

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