Sorry – Key To The City (mp3 download)

Key To The City Song by Sorry

Sorry - Key To The City

Sorry – Key To The City audio download. As Sorry gears up for the release of their second album ‘Anywhere But Here’ arriving on 7th October, they share a new smashing single titled “Key To The City.”

Sorry Key to the city song

“Key to the City” is a song that Asha Lorenz says was inspired by a very particular event in her life but she hopes has a broader general appeal.

Sorry Key to the city review

It’s intended as a type of soft “fuck you” towards the conclusion of a relationship that you don’t necessarily want to end – when it’s difficult to reconcile feelings of bitterness, wrath, and other negative emotions with the unmistakable love you still have for that person.

I saw a vision of a deer caught in the headlights as a result of that collision of pride and vulnerability. When you are aware that you are exposed emotionally, sexually, spiritually, and in every other way, you must make every effort to maintain control. In the nakedness of someone’s love, or in the nakedness of the headlights.

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After the initial recording session, Louis experimented with other tunings to give us a little push, which is how the song came to be. This has a Nick Drake-like vibe to it. It was supposed to sound lonely and cinematic.”

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