Wednesday – Rat Saw God (complete album zip)

Rat Saw God Album by Wednesday

Wednesday - Rat Saw God (complete album zip)
Wednesday – Rat Saw God (complete album zip)

Wednesday – Rat Saw God (complete album zip). Get ready to be blown away by North Carolina’s Wednesday and their third album ‘Rat Saw God’.

With hype reaching fever pitch and a four-month tour across the US, UK, and EU on the horizon, this album is a true masterpiece of grunge pop and country rock.

The album kicks off with ‘Hot Rotten Grass Smell’, an explosive and blistering track that hits you like a jet engine to the face.

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The eight-minute-plus centerpiece ‘Bull Believer’ is a winding and crawling masterpiece that builds to an uproarious conclusion with Karly Hartzman screaming her lungs out, “Finish him! Finish him!” But it’s not just all loud and heavy hitting tracks, Wednesday also delivers lounging country crooners such as ‘Chosen to Deserve’ or ‘Quarry’, with a Big Thief-ian edge of the uncertain ground underfoot.

What sets Wednesday apart from the rest is their ever more diaristic lyrical narratives, weaving emotionally charged stories into the most benign of observations.

From passing out on a couch with a nosebleed while your friend plays Mortal Kombat, to someone who took so much ecstasy that he had to get their stomach pumped.

While the stylistic variation may feel disjointed at times, this album proves that Wednesday is a band on the rise, capable of soaring even higher.

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