Do people like John Wick exist in real life?

Are there people like John Wick in real life?

Do people like John Wick exist in real life

Do people like John Wick exist in real life? I give you Julian Sinanaj, an Albanian contract killer who operated alone.

His name is pronounced Youleean Sea-nah-naay. He was trained by the Russians and initially worked in Greece before moving on to Albania.

He wrote “Don’t say anything to anyone or you’re going to get killed” on the first page of his notebook.

He operated in Athens for 15 years, carrying out over 20 murders there. He relocated to Albania after feeling threatened by his clients there, where he carried out another six murders before being apprehended by Albanian law enforcement in 2014.

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Writing a Gmail address with the name of the children’s communist film “Beni walks by himself” was all that was necessary to organize a hit “.

He was known as “the cleaner.” “. Julian had the same accuracy when shooting with either hand.

In order to evade identification and capture, he also completed a full degree in criminology in Albania. (It didn’t go as planned)

Julian also adhered to some regulations. Out of rage, he refused to accept commissions.

Or he would refrain from attacking the target if his wife and kids were present. The whole “clean conscience” thing, you know.

Without engaging in a firefight, his capture was planned as an ambush when he reduced his guard (which is how Albanian police usually operates).

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He was considerably smaller and thinner, yet he put up quite a fight when the agents tried to seize him.

He kept quiet despite being an experienced assassin, but his lover bowed out under pressure.

She provided his address, and when they arrived, they discovered explosives, weapons, and a notebook with thorough information about his intended victims, including pictures.

By coming clean, Julian Sinanaj was able to avoid a life sentence. He received a 30-year prison term.

His biography, “Sicario,” by Italian author Andrea Galli, was written about him. How to turn into a murderer. a real account.

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