If Satan had a daughter, what would her name be?

If Satan had a daughter, what would her name be? Theoretically, it would most likely be sâtanah.You see, “Satan” is not really a name.

A title, that is. It basically sums up the Devil’s job duties. The word “satan” is a general noun in Biblical Hebrew that means “accuser” or “adversary.”

The Hebrew Bible uses the term “the accuser” occasionally to allude to a particular celestial being, but most of the time it just refers to any old human accuser. Sadly, not a single one of these paragraphs actually provides us with the identity of this “accuser.”

However, if the devil only has a daughter and he just so happens to be a progressive-minded guy, we can speculate that he might be willing to teach his own daughter the unholy art of “accusing” people.

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Now, in ancient times, occupations were typically passed down from father to son. She would so perform the same role as her father, becoming an angelic “accuser” like him.

Then, if the sâtanah ever made an appearance in the New Testament, which was originally written in Ancient Greek, her name would be o (diábola), which is only the feminine version of the Ancient Greek term (diábolos), which is merely the Greek translation of the Hebrew word sâtan.

What would this spawn of the devil actually look like? Interesting enough, the satan is not always described in the Bible as being bad; rather, he is a subordinate angel who can only operate with God’s approval.

He has a specific function; he tests people to see if they are genuinely obedient. This is demonstrated in both the famous “temptation of Christ” event from Matthew 4:1-11 and Luke 4:1-13 as well as the Book of Job, when he tests Job’s faith under God’s permission.

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Before Zechariah 3:1–7, the devil plays the role of the prosecutor who brings charges against people for their transgressions in the celestial court.

Nobody enjoys doing this work, but it is vital to filter out the pretenders and make sure that eternal justice is carried out.

So, in a sense, the Devil himself is the Devil’s defender. Similar functions would likely be performed by the imagined sâtanah, namely inciting people to sin and subsequently accusing them before the heavenly court.

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