ETSU Scholarships 2023/2024 – Applications, Requirements, Eligibility

East Tennessee State University (ETSU), is a public university located in Johnson City, Tennessee, United States. The Etsu Scholarships offer several financial aid and sponsors program to home and International students such as:

  • Hope
  • Future/Freshman Scholarship
  • Transfer Students Scholarship
  • Current Students Scholarship
  • Graduate Scholarship
  • International Students Scholarship
  • Veterans Scholarship

Here, we will be focused on some major Scholarship programs for international students. The Eligibility requirements, the rewarding process, and what might forfeit you a scholarship in Etsu.

Let’s begin at once.

International students Etsu Scholarship Program

Estu offers 5 major International students scholarship Program which includes:

  • Merit Scholarship
  • Honors Scholarship
  • GA & TS
  • Creative Arts & STEM Scholarships
  • Sister Cities Scholarship

etsu scholarships

#1. Merit Scholarship

As the name implies is a Scholarship based on Merit. It is offered to new International students who wish to have an undergraduate or graduate degree in Etsu.

Eligibility requirements
  • Enroll as a full-time undergraduate student or Graduate student in Etsu
  • Have an F-1 or J-1 student visa
  • Have or demonstrate outstanding academic achievement.
Award Qualifications
  • A minimum of 3.0 high school GPA on the US 4.0 scale: freshers
  • A Minimum of 3.0 undergraduate GPA on the US 4.0 scale: transferred undergraduates and graduates applicants.
  • Undergraduates who are interested in the merit scholarship are required to submit a Scholarship acceptance form during the admission process.
Merit Scholarship value per year
  • Undergraduate students: about $12,500
  • Graduate students: Masters level students about $5000 and Doctoral students about $9,000

You should know the terms and conditions involved in the Merit Undergraduate Scholarship.

The various eligibility requirements for specific programs and what might get you disqualified for the scholarship awards. All these details are accurate on the Merit Scholarship platform website.

#2. Graduate Assistantships and Tuition Scholarships-(GA & TS)

The GA & TS is for International graduate students. It’s a service Scholarship in which; you, as an international graduate student will render services in exchange for tuition coverage and fee waivers.

If you’re all into the GA and TS, you could have full tuition waived. The good thing is that the GA Position places you on monthly stipends for upkeep.

Eligibility Requirements

To be able to apply for the GA and TS Scholarship Program, you must meet these requirements:

  • You must be admitted to Etsu as an International Graduate students
  • Only in the first year of your admission as an International student can you apply for the GA and TS.

There are some unavoidable procedures to merit this offer as well as some vital information supporting it. Also for requirements, kindly see the school of graduate studies assistantship information web page.

#3. Honors Scholarship

The Honors College offers varieties of Scholarship programs of study for International students with amazing fund aids. As an international student, you’re eligible to apply to one of the following honors programs:

  • Global Citizen Scholars
  • Midway Honors Scholars
  • Fine and Performing Arts Scholars
  • Honors-in-Discipline

However, you must meet the eligibility requirements to be admitted into any of the honors programs. A specific honor scholarship has its unique requirements.

The honor programs are highly competitive, with limited slots. To reserve a space, click on a link to a specific scholarship.

Due to the competition in the honor programs, you being admitted is not a guarantee that you’ll be awarded the scholarship.

You might be required to provide additional documents which may not be the usual required documents in universities. Also, you must complete some enriched Program of study.

To get more information about the honors program of your choice, kindly touch the Link to a specific program.

#4. Creative Arts & STEM Scholarships

The ETSU Creative Arts Scholarship is awarded to new out-of-state students, including international students, that show Interest in the arts.

As proof of interest, you’ll be required to participate in the ETSU performing arts or art exhibition activities.

However, some scholarship Programs in the creative art and stem Scholarship will have you major or minor in a particular arts discipline. Or you should at least belong to a discipline.

For information about your accommodation and meal plans for both undergraduates and graduates, and transfer students, kindly visit the Creative art & stem Scholarship website.


#5. Sister Cities International Student Scholarship

It was established by the Sister Cities Chapter of Tri-Cities, TN-VA to honor the organization’s mission “to promote peace through mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation,” and to offer funds and aid support for Eligible International students that applied at ETSU.

Sisters Cities application program will start receiving Applications on July 15 and closes on June 1st.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Full time Undergraduate and Graduate International students with F-1 visa status
  • Must have finished one academic semester at ETSU before applying.
  • A minimum Etsu Grade Point Average of 3.0 for Undergraduates; 3.5 for graduates.
Application Requirements:

Fill out and submit the required form
Attach Unofficial ETSU transcript.

More information about the scholarship’s value, selection procedures, and several awards is at the Sister Cities program’s official sites.

People Also Asked

#1. What are the scholarship available at ETSU?

The Etsu Scholarship offer several financial aid and sponsors program to homes and International students such has been listed above.

#2. What is the least ETSU Scholarship GPA Requirement?

Different Scholarship programs with unique GPAs. However, you’ll do fine having a 3.0 GPA at ETSU.

Final Thoughts

What is the best time to APPLY FOR a SCHOLARSHIP?

The best time to apply for scholarships varies, as different scholarship providers may have different application deadlines.

However, it’s a good idea to start searching and applying for scholarships several months before the start of the academic term for which you need financial aid.

This will give you plenty of time to research available scholarships, gather the required materials, and submit your applications.

Some like the ETSU scholarship may have deadlines as early as six months before the start of the academic term, so it’s best to start your search early.

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