MBA Scholarship for Women in 2023/2024 – How To Apply

Lack of funds to sustain you while you pursue your MBA career as a woman is a dream killer. Dependence on bank loans will only grant you low returns on Investment. Also, you will suffer distracted attention while keeping up with your MBA career and working to pay off your debt.

To relieve you of the hassle, private foundations and organizations all over the world curate the MBA Scholarships for Women.

You now have reduced reliance on loans and access to excellent mentorship and networking opportunities. In the end, it removes all financial barriers to your MBA pursuit.

Here, you’ll be introduced to the best MBA Scholarships for Women across the globe and how to position yourself to qualify.

MBA Scholarships for Women

These are MBA scholarships for women you should be on the lookout for:

  • Nestle MBA
  • Forte MBA
  • Esade MBA
  • University of Chicago Booth
  • London Business School

#1. Nestle MBA

Nestle MBA Scholarship is a yearly sponsored IMB Program in Switzerland. Worth $27,246 is awarded to women from developing countries.

Scholarship awards are merit-based.

Nestle is on the lookout for women who demonstrate leadership skills, with a track record of positive feats and accomplishments. Also with the innovative thinking capacity to affect the world positively. And it’s full-time.

#2. Forte MBA

Forte foundation is an organization that’s dedicated to helping women achieve greatness with the MBA program. This is achieved via networking, mutual support, and scholarships.

Qualified students can enroll in any of its 54 Partner schools and programs including Hec Paris, INSEAD, London Business school, etc.

Fort is consistent with providing scholarships to female NBAs. They have awarded a sum of US$226 million to the MBA female program since its inception.

Women who are admitted in any of the forte partner’s spots are automatically a member of the forte fellowship.

A sought-after is a woman with exceptional leadership qualities who can be a role model for other women in business.


Are you good at women’s fashion retail, are you up to writing a convincing essay about women’s fashion retail? If this describes you, you stand a great chance to qualify for the INSEAD scholarship opportunities.

The Groupe Galeries Lafayette Endowed Scholarship offers $12,000 awards to women who show outstanding capabilities in service to customers regardless of their ethnicity and values. This must be done in sync with Group Valerie’s Lafayette’s values.

You stand a chance to be awarded the Judith Connelly Delouvrier Endowed Scholarship award, that’s worth $15,000, in every class.

Also, The INSEAD Piet and Wina Van Waeyenberge Endowed Scholarship awards female Engineers that are admitted to the MBA program a sum of $15,700.

To apply, you must complete the Diversity Scholarship application.

#4. Esade MBA

The Esade program is a multiple-package MBA Scholarship exclusively for women. with fleets of awards rankings from the best MBA for women in Europe to the best program in Europe for salary increase.

You stand a chance for great benefits and a boost in your MBA career. You also choose between part-time or full-time Programs. Which part-time applicants are permitted to work while in training

Esade MBA is for outstanding women who are unique in operation. With great leadership qualities to affect the business society. The needed qualities are entrepreneurial thinking and bold risk takers.

#5. University of Chicago Booth

The Chicago Booth School of Business offers a full-time MBA Scholarship program for women under Wall Fellowship.

Underdeveloped countries and underrepresented minority groups are preferred for this position.

The scholarship goes to a woman with exemplary leadership skills and determination to improve women in business.

#6. London Business School

London Business School offers diverse spots for the qualifying candidates:

The A Higher Education Advancing Diversity(AHEAD) is for female MBA masters in finance scholarship. It offers $35,000 to women from developing nations.

LBS offers the Carlsson Family Scholarship to women MBAs who merit it. The sum of $28,000 is up for the taking.

Kearney Australia New Zealand Women’s Scholarship Program offers up to $11,700 to all successful female MBA applicants from Australia or New Zealand.

Applicants who have been admitted to the MBA are automatically qualified for these scholarships

How to Qualify for MBA Scholarship Programs

You can position yourself for a greater chance of being picked for any MBA program. Adhere to the instructions below.

#1. Understand the application process

It’s crucial to take deep studies of the Scholarship Program. This will give you in-depth knowledge of what the program requires to merit it. Also, you’ll have what to tailor your application effort to.

#2. Craft keyword Application

Knowing what a named MBA program demands or offers? you should write based on that information when crafting your essays.

For example, INSEAD is on the lookout for women who can serve regardless of ethnic background. If INSEAD is your designated program, include in your essay how they’ll help you to serve the society.

#3. Early Application

Some programs’ deadlines are fast approaching, while some require that you enter different applications at once. Earlier actions will save you the hassle and regrets.

#5. Self-expression

Be real, use your voice while writing. Your personality is your uniqueness. That’s what will turn the face of the recruiters your way.


#1. Are there fully-funded MBA scholarships?

Yes there are, some of them are:

  • Hungary Scholarships Without IELTS
  • Sweden Scholarships 2023: Study in Sweden
  • Laid Law Foundation
  • Government of Germany Scholarships 2023
  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship 2023, more

#3. What’s the meaning of an MBA scholarship?

MBA is short for the Master of Business Administration program. A scholarship is a system to help further your studies for free.

Final Thoughts

Hurry and apply to any program of your choice. However, if you miss your target scholarship program, wait for another year’s window to enroll. Let your personality shine through while crafting your application essay.

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