Jugaste y Sufrí lyrics (In English) – Eslabon Armado Jugaste y Sufrí lyrics

Eslabon Armado Jugaste y Sufrí lyrics

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  • Length 4:35
  • English title “You Played and I Suffered”
  • Genre: Regional Mexican
  • Songwriter(s) Daniel Balderrama
  • Language Spanish
  • Released December 18, 2020“Jugaste y Sufri” is a song by Eslabon Armado, a band that collaborated with DannyLux for this track. It was included in their third studio album titled “Corta Venas,” which was released by DEL Records on December 18, 2020.

Jugaste y Sufrí lyrics (In English)

[Verse 1: Pedro Tovar & DannyLux]
I’m not mad at you anymore
I just watch and think: “disappointed me”
And i get further away from you
Because i don’t want to suffer anymore, i want to be happy
Your love is poison and more
And i feel a pain, in my soul, but with calm
I open my phone
And see you were with another
How i feel

[Pre-Chorus: Pedro Tovar & DannyLux]
I call you to confirm
But you don’t want to answer, you kill me
I don’t know what was the reason
If i was giving you, all of my love, I’m destroyed

[Chorus: Pedro Tovar & DannyLux]
I had faith in you, but you played and i suffered
I’m actually doing bad, here I am in my loneliness
I never lied to you, you were my whole world
And the truth is, you left me at zero
All of my love and my bеing, i gave you everything, why?

[Interlude: Pedro Tovar & DannyLux]
Thеre you go little girl
Or not? My friend Danny
Mate Pedro

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Eslabon Armado Jugaste y Sufrí lyrics

[Letra de “Jugaste y Sufrí” ft. DannyLux]

[Verso 1: Pedro Tovar & DannyLux]
Ya no me enojo contigo
Solo observo y pienso: “me decepcionó”
Y me alejo más de ti
Porque yo ya no quiero sufrir, quiero ser feliz
Tú amor es veneno y más
Y yo siento un dolor en mi alma, pero con calma
Abro mi teléfono y miro que andabas con otro
Como me siento

[Pre-Coro: Pedro Tovar & DannyLux]
Te llamo para confirmar
Pero tú no quieres contestar, tú me matas
Yo no se cuál fue la razón
Si yo te estaba dando todo mi amor, estoy destrozado

[Coro 1: Pedro Tovar & DannyLux]
Tenía fe en ti pero jugaste y sufrí
En vеrdad estoy mal, aquí estoy yo en mi solеdad
Yo nunca te mentí, tú eras todo mi mundo entero
Y es que la verdad, tú me dejaste en cero
Todo mi amor y mi ser, yo te entregué todo, ¿por qué?

[Interludio: Pedro Tovar & DannyLux]
Y ahí te va chiquitita, ¿O no mi compa Danny?
Compa Pedro

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